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A Solo Exhibition

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Duration: 00:02:30
“In this exhibition I, Marsi, did this and that and this and that. This is the introduction. Perhaps a brief transcript of an audio intro that can be played while the viewer goes through the site (not clashing with the background music of course). This gives you a hint of the background—what lead me to this kind of work. This tells you where I made the, what motivated me. What I set out to do. And a brief description of what it is I actually did.”


Destruction of a vessel

Duration: 00:05:00


The Wrong Window: Reflections on Empty Images

an essay by Lucienne Bestall

There is a staircase in Rome made of wood, now polished to a shine and worn down by the pilgrims who ascend it on hands and knees. They climb the steps in slow procession, pausing to cry and whisper at each rise and tread. I once walked up those stairs, some twelve years ago, up between those huddled figures, to stand on the landing and watch the pilgrims move towards me like a slow, black river running uphill. At the time, I neither counted the steps nor considered their significance. The staircase simply carried me from the street to the chapel above. But the pilgrims were carried elsewhere; to a place I could not enter…

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“I remember as a child, looking through the books and going to galleries that felt like sacred spaces and having this strong idea that art is this big powerful important thing, despite the fact that the life stories of the artists were almost always somehow hard and sacrificial.”

+ Interview w/Claire Johnson:
‘On Sacrifice and Reward’


Video: ‘How to Think Like a Plant’

Video: ‘The Making of ‘Untitled #10’’

Live: 2020.10.10 11:00:00 UTC

Walkabout with Marsi van de Heuvel
hosted by Wiebren/Anke Bergsma
Duration: 00:42:05

Gallerist’s notes ︎

Please share your experiences in meditative labours and comment on those shared by others. In the first movement, he is convicted; in the second he accepts the cross he is forced to bear. Please be respectful, but above all, honest.
Celebration through labour, hosted by Marsi van de Heuvel

[CRS]Had he lost the plot? Had he lost control? The time was ticking and yet the plot seemed to have stalled. It was as if a thousand writers had taken to writing a book and it descended into anarchy. It was time to shit or get off the toilet. Live or die trying. Suck it up or Spit it out like the bad sugar free cherry coke it had become.

[DUC]I guess the story is just too good to tell.
[DUC]But when I close my eyes I think about you all the time.
[DUC]I'm sick and tired of running.
[DUC]I know who I am. This is not the end.
[DUC]I am not afraid of anything. I'm not afraid of anything.
[DUC]I've got to be strong...strong like mom.
[DUC]Yes you cried like me, cried to sleep.

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‘The Title of This Work’

A short description of the work

‘The Title of This Work’
Paint, steel, petrol ︎

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