if I’m honest with you
if it were up to me
if life was fair
if I had it my way
if only things had been different
if I could turn back the clock
if I could change the world
if we all got along
if it wasn’t so hard
if only I’d known
if I could find a way
if I could walk in your shoes
if only you’d let me
if you could only see
if it were at all possible
if I ever got the chance
if ever there was a moment
if it’s not too late
if you don’t mind me saying
if you’ll pardon the expression
if there’s one thing I know for sure
if you’ve received this in error
if word gets out
if memory serves
if truth be told
if you believe that
if you have something to say
if you’d just let me speak

ink on paper
30 x 21cm each

After “The Capture of the Golden Fleece” (or maybe just a fleecing)
Oil on linen
150 x 100cm