Dale Lawrence’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands and with the gallery is a collection of monotypes and linocuts accompanied by written works, sculptural installations and an online performance.

Drawing from his four critically exhibitions, held in South Africa, Look Busy (2016), Another Helping (2017), Amateur Hour (2018) and Further Protypes (2019), Lawrence has reworked previous ideas, methods and finished works in an attempt to detect and draw out the shifting moment of novelty. In the most literal example of this process, he tore or otherwise interfered with old linocuts and used the defaced plates to make new artworks.

“I was interested in the moment the works actually become new; whether the lack of so-called ‘original’ input—the labour, the sacrifice, the creation that was involved the first time—lessened the result or made something new and credible of its own.”

At the crux of this intention is Lawrence’s increasing appreciation of and gravitation towards flashes of hazard, chance or accident in his work. To this end, the collection documents his various attempts at creating “a better result with less perfection”.



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Look for the arrows in the bottom corners of the screen, or use the ← → arrows on your keyboard to navigate between rooms.

Click on the images to see isolated artwork views, and again to zoom.

Look out for additional content and further insights.

This exhibition should take 20 minutes to view in brief, or 45 minutes to view with the additional written, audio and video content. 

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